The 5 biggest bouquets

Explosive bouquets full of happiness

Flowers make us happy, and comfort us when we need it to put a smile on our faces. So why not bring more flowers into our homes? And we don't necessarily mean more often, but literally more: immense, overwhelming, generous, enormous bouquets. We have made a list of our five biggest bouquets for you.  Do you have a big enough vase?

1. Tropical feel

Create a tropical ambience in your home with a bouquet full of orchids. They come in pastel shades, deep colours, or with petals that seem like a dreamy artist has hand painted them. Step out of your comfort zone, put a few enticing orchids together and enjoy this exotic feast of flowers in your home.

2. Exuberant fun

The lily is certainly not a modest flower, but a grand lady who likes the spotlight. Once its elongated leaves curl open into large, star-like flowers, their powdery stamens spread a sweet scent that penetrates deep into your senses. You can be sure you will create something extraordinary with a lily bouquet.

3. Ode to autumn

Autumn is a special season: although the weather seems to be waning, nature is at its peak in terms of colour. The deep, warm colours of nature compensate for these changeable days. Together they make autumn a turbulent but compelling season. Just like this autumn bouquet.

4. Colourful start to the year

Everyone needs some cheering up during the short, dark winter days. How about a colourful collection of festive winter flowers? Gather light-coloured hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and viburnum, bind them together to create a crisp winter bouquet and daydream about the bright spring days that are to come.

5. A vase full of sun

This bouquet is so overwhelming that even the tallest people will feel a little diminished. Gladiolus, Allium, sunflower and Delphinium: together they create an exuberant summer feeling that no one can ignore. Ah, is it summer already?