Bouquet idea: summer arrangement

Bring the outdoor sun into your home

We're so excited about the arrival of warm weather: a chance to get our sandals out, relax under blue skies, chase fluffy white clouds and revel in the mood-boosting effects of vitamin D. The longed-for British summer is often fleeting, so we make the most of it by bringing seasonal flowers indoors, and decorating our homes with vases full of petals.

Bouquet idea: summer arrangement -

Seasonal favourites

When summer replaces spring, the flowers in florists and supermarkets also switch over. Sunny yellow daffodils and bright tulips make way for steamy, hot-blooded blooms, perfect for sticky summer days. Classic flowers like sunflower, gladiolus and allium are all familiar faces, but there are many other stems that we can use to create a seasonal arrangement. Luckily, you have all summer long to find your favourites. We've started you off with this bouquet idea, using five of the best classic summer flowers.


You will need

How to make it

Ask your favourite florist to make up a summer bouquet for you, or take a DIY approach and arrange the flowers yourself. 

Approach the task like you would do diving into a turquoise swimming pool. By this, we mean make sure the vase is clean and the water is nice and fresh for your flowers. Trim the stems diagonally, and add some flower food to the water if needed. A summer bouquet looks best when the flowers are arranged playfully: let delphiniums peep over the top, place a bold gerbera staring out, and add delicacy with sweet pea.

To make the arrangement last for as long as possible, place the vase in a cool spot away from the fruit bowl, and avoid full sun. For more information read our tips on how to protect flowers from heat