Bouquet recipe: an autumnal, natural bridal bouquet

Be extravagant on your wedding day

Modesty is a great virtue, but your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to do things extravagantly. If you’re getting married in autumn, we have a bouquet recipe for you with a big helping of autumn colour, a dollop of nature and a pinch of dramatic effect.

Bouquet recipe: an autumnal, natural bridal bouquet Matt Horan Photography

The bouquet tells your story

Claret red, shades of bronze, brown, green and pink: they fit perfectly with an autumn wedding. With this impressive bouquet you bring nature to the ceremony, and you not only promise one another lasting fidelity, but also romantic woodland walks in the autumnal landscape. Your bridal bouquet can also incorporate stems from your or his/her favourite plants and leaves from your garden or found in the place where you first met. In that way the bouquet tells the story of your love.

You will need these flowers:

Tied with a ribbon

The bouquet can be fairly broad - like nature, it cannot be tamed. Tied together with a beautiful long velvet ribbon in a pinkish shade of bronze. Then hold your autumn bouquet firmly, and only let go of it when it’s time for the rings.

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Photo: Matt Horan Photography