Bouquet recipe: a bouquet to welcome the autumn

Hurrah for the new season

The new season offers an opportunity for change. The time has come for different activities, clothes and bouquets! Because nature reflects the change of season, you see different flowers at your florist in the autumn than you do in midsummer, for example. And what beauties they are! Bring those classic autumn flowers into your home to celebrate the arrival of autumn in style.

Recipe bouquet autumn |

You will need

Ultimately the important thing is that you are happy with your autumn bouquet. We’ve chosen classic autumn flowers in classic autumn colours. Do you recognise them? They are:

How to make it

You can ask the florist to get started with your list of ingredients, but you can of course also do it yourself. And as for the vase? This fall, go for an upcycled item, in line with this season's style trend. You can also give your flowers a second life by drying them

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