Bouquet recipe: An Easter bouquet full of spring flowers

A showstopper for your Easter table
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This beautiful bouquet is made up of the loveliest spring flowers. It's the perfect showstopper for your Easter table and to celebrate spring. Read on and discover what you need for the ultimate Easter bouquet!

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This bouquet is guaranteed to make every party a floral one, and is great for both before, during and after Easter. Are you celebrating the holiday with friends or family? This delightful bouquet is welcome whatever the occasion. Find out what you need below!

you will need


The easiest way is to ask your florist to make a bouquet. The list of ingredients above will give you enough inspiration to have your florist create something beautiful. Of course, you can also do it yourself for that extra personal touch. Here we explain how to make your own bouquet.


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paasboeket lentebloemen