Bring your own (floral) food at Christmas

Spend time together in the kitchen

The run-up to Christmas is very stressful. There are deadlines nagging at you, and you still have presents to buy and wrap. You need to drop that outfit at the dry cleaners, buy groceries in bulk and keep the children amused. So how could you possibly be expected to produce a Cordon Bleu menu as well? You really don’t need to do it alone. Your Christmas invitation is BYO. Bring Your Own floral taste sensation. At the very least that will provide enough ingredients for a fun conversation over the food!


Your mother brings the starter, your BFF provides an amuse bouche, a rich uncle supplies the pudding, a friendly neighbour offers a cocktail and you do the main course. That’s eased the burden a bit! The fact that a dinner like that might feature both classic French and spicy Thai food is no problem. Just as long as it’s been made with love. And with flowers!

A variation on BYO

It also fun to ask your guests to just bring their favourite ingredients and edible flowers. Start the day early and spend the day together in and around the kitchen. It's bound to result in some new (and possibly crazy) dishes that you will talk about for a long time.

Delicious company

Not everyone is a domestic god(dess), so it’s fine to share some tips. How about the ultimate Christmas cake? We’re thinking of a delicious red velvet cake with red fruit and red roses. You can download the recipe here

Get conversation flowing

Does the talk grind to a halt because your friends and family (in law) don’t have very much in common? A festive drink may help loosen them up. This delicious cocktail with gin, cranberry, lavender and rose petals is a real Christmas cracker. The anecdotes and tall tales will soon be pouring out. You can download the recipe here.

*One more thing: never tuck in to just any old (cut) flower or plant; only use edible flowers from specialist suppliers that have been grown for human consumption.