Celebrate love 365 days a year

Good advice if you hate Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s Day. Your heart flip-flops at the thought of February 14th. Flowers, kisses and the sweet murmur of romance. Or…? Do you get a bit grumpy about a day full of love dreamt up by other people? Do you love her, but not traditions? Whatever your taste might be: give love, give flowers. Whenever you want to.

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A year has 365 days

Romance can’t be planned or pin down to a date - it happens at the most unexpected moments. So our advice is: follow your heart and let it express itself at the time of your choosing. Maybe that’s on Valentine’s Day, maybe the week after, in the middle of summer or in October. A year has 365 days for expressing your love. It’s really a waste to do it on just one single day.

Red roses and Favourite Flowers

You can say ‘I love you’ even more convincingly with flowers. Red roses are top of the classic & romantic league, bursting with loving symbolism, petal after petal. But love can also be expressed with Favourite Flowers, or steal their heart with a bouquet full of flowers that evoke special or romantic memories. Whatever flowers you give and whenever you give them, do it with loving consideration. Because what is more romantic than that?

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