Christmas 2014: make it happy!

Add colour and sparkle to your festive day with flowers

Fancy giving your home a festive feel for Christmas? Incorporating flowers in your decorations is very on trend. Very green, original and above all, beautiful – oohs and aahs guaranteed!

Welke Kerststijl past bij jou?


Flowering Christmas trees

Of course, everything starts with a tree and there are so many variations on the classic. Whether you fill a real one with vases and candles, or turn it into a profiterole pyramid with edible flowers. Pine branches are also a must, of course, but they can be given a different twist as a garland full of cheerful glasses filled with flowers. If you want to try experimenting without a tree, you can go mad with a flowering Advent calendar, pastel wreathes, sweet arrangements and floral ideas which would not look out of place in the palace of an eco-friendly princess.

Creative and original

There are a host of ideas below to make the festive season even more beautiful with flowers. It’s just a matter of a little bit of crafting (tie a ribbon around a bulb and lift it up into the air!), smart styling, and having a positive attitude that life is wonderful and realising how much we have worth celebrating. Most of these original ideas are particularly suitable for making your home even more beautiful, but these will also be delightful surprises for your guest, which will make you the hostess with the mostess this Christmas! Have fun, and if you really can’t get enough, we’ve put even more inspirations on Pinterest. So follow, like and re-pin to your heart’s content. Merry Christmas!