Christmas at home with flowers

3 ideas for a festive Yule

What do you think of when it comes to classic Christmas decorations? We're willing to bet it’s baubles, a star on the tree, fairylights, candles, a nativity scene, fake snow, Christmas cards, mistletoe, nutcrackers and an inflatable Santa. Have we forgotten anything? Yes indeed! This year we will be making Christmas extra festive with roses, chrysanthemums, lisianthus, amaryllis, lilies and rosehips


Red, pink and even blue

Not everything has to be labelled ‘festive’ in order to provide that classic Christmas feel. Flowers give you a setting which is just as warm, but with a twist. Flowers in rich colours will quickly steal the show, but unusual combinations, flowers in unexpected places and a new type of Christmas display will also add to your festive mood.

1. An extravagant X bouquet

Before you think “what’s Christmassy about a simple bouquet?” we suggest you take a look at our fabulous X bouquet. The X stands for Christmas, extra-large and good enough to kiss. It's all about the flowers, colours and composition. Place the bouquet on the dinner table and the rosehips will be peering into your champagne glass. If the bouquet is displayed on the mantelpiece, you will get the gift of a waft of rose scent every time you pass. This extravagant bouquet is all we want for Christmas this year!

2. Flowers on the tree

The Christmas tree is filled with 1000 little lights, 100 beautiful baubles and a solitary star shining on top. Now all that’s missing are the finest ornaments in the form of orchids and roses. If you’ve got a traditional tree with red and gold, opt for red roses. A purple orchid will definitely not look out of place on a contemporary tree, and if you’ve got a colourful tree you can really let your floral imagination run wild. Anything goes! Keep the flowers fresh with the aid of glass flower tubes.

3. Advent display on the table

Regardless of whether you know the exact rules, colours and meaning of Advent or not, everyone can take part in this tradition. Create a warm scene with candles in various vintage glasses, beautiful ribbons and flowers in the classic Advent colours: purple and pink. You can read exactly how to do it in our detailed DIY craft project ‘Advent candle holders with a floral touch

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