Chrysanthemum high tea with a golden trim

Get stuck in with recipes bursting with folklore

Food designer Katja Gruijters has developed a high tea especially for with the Chrysanthemum in the leading role. We are sharing these exclusive recipes with you - they will definitely impress your friends and family. So get out your Sunday best and sit down to a mouthwatering high tea. 

Chrysanthemum high tea with a golden trim

The Chrysanthemum’s Greek name is fabulous, since Chrysanthemum means ‘golden flower’. But it’s not just its beauty that inspires us. It symbolises happiness and ‘eternal life’, and has been loved in Asia for centuries. It’s therefore a popular and important guest at festive occasions and ceremonies.  

The star of the show

The Chrysanthemum is the star of the show during our tea ceremony. Katja has experimented extensively with the golden flower, and has translated this into new exclusive recipes which were presented for the first time at a luxurious gathering. 


Three exclusive recipes

Over the coming period we will share various remarkable recipes with you. What’s a high tea without tea? Precisely. So keep a close eye on our website, as we will soon be kicking off with the garland chrysanthemum tea. Followed by a chrysanthemum bouillon to warm you up. Fittingly, we're saving the sweet for the final course. We bet you’ll still have room for some chrysanthemum cheesecake.

Keep a close eye on the website and our social media to make sure you don’t miss a single recipe. And let us know when you’ve tasted it!