From coffee table to apéro table

A tasty transformation

An apéro is all about relaxation, chatting with friends and leaving the long (working) day behind you. Settle down, enjoy good stories or funny memories whilst you sip a refined cocktail with green elements and twilight sets in outside. Meanwhile your eyes wander over the table. Oh la la...


If you’re receiving your friends in the living room, your coffee table is ‘the place to be’ for snacks, drinks, flowers and coasters. Placed together like this you create a dazzling still life.  Gather your loveliest vases and fill them with flowers. Then get your finest plates, dishes and boards out of the cupboard and fill them with small snacks. Obviously those should be decorated with edible flowers to ensure that nobody kan keep their eyes - or their fingers - away from the table. 

Recipes for the apéro snacks

The culinary feast on this table consists of the following dishes with downloadable recipes:

Socca with flower salad
Rillettes with pickled rose petals
Oysters with cucumber and ginger granita and borage 
Raw cod marinated in beetroot with flowers and taggiasca olives 
Apéro snack selection with olives, tomatoes, bread, meats, crackers etc.


And more …

Also read about how to create the drinks and bouquets. All you need to do then is put on some music.