Cosmopolitan with classy orchid

DIY project from food designer Katja Gruijters

Food designer Katja Gruijters uncovers flowers’ deepest secrets on behalf of Naturally she loves flowers as decoration, but she likes to investigate what else can be done with flowers.

From vase to plate

Katja likes to move flowers from the vase to the plate. Not just as decoration, but as part of the food experience. Katja says: "Many cultures have been using flowers in the kitchen for decades. In Asia they serve tea with chrysanthemums, in France they eat bowls of viola ice cream in the summer, and in Italy courgette flowers can be found in every kitchen." Especially for the launch of the online magazine, The Green Gallery, she has given the classic Cosmopolitan a floral touch by adding the classy orchid in an unusual way. It looks impressive, and whether you’re a foodie or not, you can easily create the Cosmopolitan with orchids yourself with the guidance of the video below.

You will need

  • 60 ml Vodka
  • 30 ml Sugar water (mix 13 grams sugar with 25 ml water)
  • 30 ml White cranberry juice
  • 15 ml Freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 1 Edible orchid*
  • Transparent decoration globe in two halves
  • Drill
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Tape

How to make it

  • Drill a hole in the decoration globe and place the orchid in the globe, seal the globe and tape it up.
  • Fill the globe with water through the hole. Leave a little space in the globe, since the water will expand when it freezes.
  • Place the globe in the freezer and wait until it’s frozen. This can take several hours.
  • Fill the cocktail shaker with ice. Add the sugar, cranberry juice, lime juice and vodka. Shake the cocktail thoroughly.
  • When the ice globe is frozen, open the mould. Tip: warm the globe with your hands first.
  • Place the ice globe in a cocktail glass, and pour the drink over the ice.

Cheers! Enjoy.

 Cosmopolitan met classy orchidee cocktail

About Katja Gruijters

We will share discoveries from Katja’s food and flowers lab on from time to time. In The Green Gallery magazine you can read about what drives her, what projects she’s working on, and why she is so fascinated by flowers.

* One more thing

Edible flowers are produced in a special way so that they are suitable for human consumption. The (cut) flowers and plants that you can buy in the shops are not suitable for human consumption.