DIY: Bunny ear tiara with flowers

A fun spring accessory for your children
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Bunny rabbits are a vital part of our Easter celebrations. In springtime, it's delightful to see rabbits hopping around the fields, enjoying the warmer weather. And where would we be without the generous gift-giving of the Easter bunny, who kindly hides chocolate in the garden for us? This year, to join in the fun, we've combined flowers with home-made bunny ears to create a gorgeous Easter tiara headband. The cute ears are both fun to wear, and easy to create with your kids.

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You will need

  • Thin headband
  • Sturdy wire - craft shops also sell wire with coloured tape
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Your choice of small, sturdy flowers, such as gysophilla, waxflower and limonium


Fold the wire into two matching ears about 20 cm long. Fold these ears around the hairband. 

Cut small sturdy flowers off the larger stems and stick them on the hairband and ears with a glue gun. You can also use the flowers to conceal any of the ends of the wire.

Make sure there is some variety in the flowers to create a more arresting visual affect. Gypsophila and Limonium can be cut a little longer to add interesting height differences.


These bunny ears with flowers are the perfect outfit for an Easter egg hunt in your home or back garden.

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