DIY: home spray with the scent of autumn flowers

Fill your room with the season's perfumes

Imagine the scene. You walk into a gorgeous perfume or interiors shop and you're greeted by a swell of beautiful fragrance. “It smells lovely in here!” you exclaim. Your mood lifts, and you experience a sudden urge to explore. The sense of smell is a powerful one, full of the potential for positive energy, which we sadly often neglect at home. This year, bring the recognisable scents of crisp, clear autumn into your home with this easy-to-make craft project. You’ll be delighted every time you open the front door.

DIY: Home spray with the scent of autumn flowers

You will need

  • Flowers — we opted for roses and sage
  • Your choice of essential oil
  • Distilled water
  • Vodka
  • A spray bottle

How to make it

Step 1
Fill half the spray bottle with distilled water, then top it up with vodka until it's full. The vodka is required because water and oil find it hard to combine. They mix together much better if you add alcohol. You can use tap water instead of distilled, but your spray won’t keep as well. If you'd prefer an alcohol-free version, then skip the vodka and top up the difference with more water — just remember to shake well before spraying.

Step 2
Add 15 to 30 drops of essential oil. Choose a single fragrance such as rose, or combine a mixture of rose and lavender, for example. You can keep playing with this until you’ve found your signature autumn fragrance.

Step 3
Add seasonal flowers and herbs to the spray bottle. They don't just smell great, they also look beautiful suspended in liquid. Rose petals and sage are particularly gorgeous.

Then get spraying! Your hallway, living room and home office or studio space will be transformed by this lovely scent. If you want a continuous release of fragrance, decant some of the spray into a short glass container and add an assortment of wooden sticks, one end dipped in the liquid and the other end emerging from the top of the bottle or jar.