DIY: make your own flower infinity

An endless sea of ​​flowers
Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

More flowers are always better. That's the idea behind this flower infinity! With this DIY, you'll be able to imagine yourself in an endless sea of ​​flowers and you create a truly showstopping effect. Want to steal the show with this optical illusion? Make it all by yourself in a few easy steps.

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You will need

  • Lots and lots of flowers! The type, color and shape doesn't matter. You can choose a specific colour tone or use all kinds of colours. We chose, among other things, the rose, gerbera, lily, lisianthus, anthurium, gypsophila, chrysanthemum and cymbidium, in pink and red tones.

  • A vase, preferably made of glass or transparent 
  • At least 5 large, square mirrors all the same size (with or without wooden frames)
  • Microfibre cloth and glass cleaner (to clean the mirrors)
  • Glue (use wood glue if your mirrors have frames) to attach the mirrors together
  • Optional: cord with LED lights

How to make it

Step 1

Arrange as many flowers as possible into bouquets in the vases, or alternatively, get as many bouquets as you can from your favourite florist and put them in vases at home. Then, place the filled vases as close together as possible on top of one of the mirrors.

Step 2

Place the remaining mirrors around the vases in the shape of a cube. Attach them together with glue, using wood glue if the mirrors have a wooden frame. Keep one side of the cube open so you can see inside. If you like, hang a cord with LED lights inside the cube to put the flower infinity truly in the spotlight.

Do you want to create the effect of a sea of ​​flowers, but you're short of time or the concept of infinity is freaking you out? Try placing a number of vases with flowers in front of a wall of mirrors, as in the photo below. With this simplified version you can also create an very lovely infinity-type effect!

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