DIY: nature on the table with a tree trunk étagère

A centrepiece made for Easter

To make a real statement with your Easter table, you need a remarkable centrepiece. Bring nature to the table with a tree trunk as an étagère that is bursting with extravagance straight out of your spring dreams.

tree trunk étagère

What you need:

  • A slice of tree trunk (with a diameter of 30 cm)
  • Moss
  • 7 ordinary eggs and a handful of quail’s eggs
  • Rolls of adhesive tape
  • Feathers
  • Various plants: we used lily-of-the-valley, carnations, narcissi and succulent
  • Potting soil

Get to work

Make an opening at the top of each egg and pour out the contents. The eggshell can now serve as a tiny flowerpot. Carefully fill it with potting soil and an attractive plant. Place the rolls of adhesive tape on the tree trunk - they will serve as sturdy egg holders. Tear off pieces of moss and carefully drape them around the eggs so that you can no longer see any wood or rolls of adhesive tape. Then finish the display with quail’s eggs and feathers. There you have it - nature on the table!

Pasen Etagere

Pasen Etagere