DIY: Room spray with the scent of spring flowers

Bring the season into your home

It's hard to turn your nose up at the perfume of a scented candle, the scent of newly-mown grass, or the smell of a freshly baked cake in the kitchen. Filling your home with nice smells gives your nose something to enjoy, and you'll find that it lifts your spirits and boosts your mood. This spring, spritz a fresh-smelling room spray with the scent of seasonal flowers, made by hand at home. Read on to find out how to make your own.

DIY: Room spray with the scent of spring flowers

You will need

  • Freesia

  • Waxflower
  • Distilled water and vodka (or just distilled water for an alcohol-free version)
  • Essential oil
  • Vanilla extract
  • Spray bottle

Vanilla extract has a calming effect on the brain, alleviating anxiety, stress, nervousness and depression. It also helps disperse the essential oils in the water.

How to make it

STEP 1 Fill the spray bottle to half way with distilled water, then top it up with vodka. We use vodka because water and oil on their own won't mix. You can also use tap water, but your spray won’t last as long and you will have to refresh it more often.


STEP 2 Add 15 to 30 drops of essential oil. Opt for a single fragrance such as freesia, or make a mixture of waxflower and blossom, for example. Keep playing with this until you’ve found a fragrance that works for you.

STEP 3 Add the flowers to the spray bottle. They don’t just smell nice, they look great too. We've chosen freesia and waxflower, to complement the room spray scent.

Get spraying! The hall, living room and bedroom will be improved with a generous spritz. To hang on to the scent for longer, immerse wooden sticks in the fragrance spray and arrange them in a shot glass. It's ideal for the smallest room in the house.