Dry your lily

Keep your special flower forever

There is a time to bloom and there is a time to dry. If you’ve received beautiful lilies from a loved one, you’ll want to keep them. Sadly, fresh flowers do not last forever - but dried ones do! From a whole flower to a single petal, you can turn them into real works of art for your home. We’ve explained below how to do it.

Lily Drying Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.ukCopyright: Katja Gruyters


You’ve probably heard of it before: leaving the flowers to dry out. You hang the flowers upside down in a warm, dark, dry spot. Before you start, remove the bottom leaves and tie the flowers loosely in a bunch. Then all you have to do is wait… sometimes up to 2 months.

Drying with paper

This method requires a bit more than just a warm space. We’ve used a wooden press and you also need newspapers and blotting paper. You construct the ‘drying machine’ layer by layer: a few layers of newspaper, blotting paper, the flowers, and the newspaper again. Some presses can even hold multiple layers. Once you’ve tightened the press, you just need to be patient. Change the paper in the press every day. In the end you end up with remarkable flat flowers that look fantastic in a frame. If you don’t have a press then a couple of thick, heavy books will do. 

Special petals

Give your bridesmaids a dried petal from your bridal bouquet or frame flowers that you were given at an important event. Turn the petals into special memories!