The d’Avril Vase from Tsé-Tsé

An innovative new way to display your blooms
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Flowers are natural works of art that bring life to a home – so don’t be tempted to shove them in a tired old vase and forget about them. Bring out their natural beauty with the d’Avril vase.

A new way to display flowers

Comprised of a row of test-tube like glass and steel containers, this innovative design from Tsé-Tsé allows you to create a wall of flowers.

Make a statement 

A fabulous statement piece for a lounge or dining room sideboard, the d’Avril vase is guaranteed to bring your living space to life – when adorned with the right blooms.

Choose flowers to complement your home décor or choose a different theme each time so you never get bored.

d'avril Vase


Mix things up with contrasting colours or stick to a single colour theme. Go all red or blue or yellow – and change each week, depending on your mood.  Different coloured tulips make a delightful bright display for spring.


Add variety by opting for stems of different lengths and thicknesses. Contrast the thick-stemmed Amaryllis with more delicate, shorter blooms to create a layered feast for the eyes. 


Keep things structured with a single flower in each container or play around with form and texture by adding branches or spring flowers such as cherry or apple blossoms.

Learn more about theTsé-Tsé d’Avril Vase, on the Made in Design website.