Elle Flowers: a blooming botanical supplement

76 stylish pages of erupting spring

As spring prepares to tempt you outdoors in the near future, flowers in print are already radiant. Because 8 March saw the launch of ELLE Flowers: an incredibly beautiful eruption of flowers that all subscribers will receive as a free gift this month with ELLE and ELLE Deco.

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Leaf through spring

This colourful botanical supplement is packed with sunshine-filled flower articles. You can discover how you can bring your interior into bloom, and how nature serves as a source of inspiration for floral make-up ideas. Find out what bouquet you should choose for declarations of love, secret messages, congratulations and condolences. Five artists who are fascinated by the beauty of flowers show their work. Six artists are inspired by the magnolia… with magnificent results. You can see ranunculus, daffodils, snapdragons and hyacinths like you’ve never seen them before. And three florists allow their creativity free rein. And if you're inspired, you can copy the arrangements at home, because they include a step-by-step plan.

If you have a subscription to ELLE the special supplement will be coming through your letterbox on 4 April. If you have a subscription to ELLE Deco, you’ll receive it on 5 April.

You’ll probably run straight outdoors and carry on until you reach a sun-drenched spring patio, blooming park or lush flower meadow. The first rays of spring sunshine will be reading over your shoulder.

Immerse yourself in spring

If you want more flowers, colours and fragrances straightaway, you can read the best spring articles here. Hence perfume designer Sonia Constant will have you suddenly ‘looking’ at fragrances in a very different way. Fill your vases with colourful spring fragrances to bring spring into your home. Or immerse yourself in the story of Daniel van Egmond, who has a mobile flower shop and has also provided flowers for the Pope and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, amongst others. And you can discover unusual spring bloomers that are happy to join you in the garden or on the balcony for some fresh air. Meanwhile spring will be warming up your favourite spots, so that we’re ready for a sultry summer in a few months’ time.