Floral art by Nathalie Boutté

A unique interpretation of the lisianthus

Thin strips of paper patiently placed one by one to create a unique array; that sums up the work of the French artist Nathalie Boutté. This creates a paper artwork which constantly looks different and shows a fabulous colour shift. Take a look at her unique interpretation of the lisianthus.

Copyright: Magnin-A, Boutté, ADAGP 2015

Creations made from strips of paper

Nathalie Boutté was born in 1967. She lives and works in Montreuil, near Paris. It’s tricky to pigeonhole Nathalie. Is she a photographer? Painter? Sculptor? In fact her work is a unique combination of all these artforms. She cuts out long narrow strips of paper which she then patiently brings together in an intriguing creation. The paper that she uses consists of recycled tissue paper, pages from old novels and translucent tracing paper. She applies the strips in layers, close together, like thatch on a roof. The coloured ends together create the image.

The lisianthus through Nathalie Boutté’s eyes

Nathalie Boutté created this unique interpretation of the lisianthus in 2010. It’s remarkable, isn’t it? Look how all those tiny strips of paper come together in one fabulous, colourful image! And when you change position, the flower changes too. So you can keep looking and looking ...

Experimenting with materials

Nathalie is self-taught; she has had no specialist training or education. She acquired all her knowledge and skills on her own. It’s pure passion! She is convinced that the key to knowledge lies in experimenting with materials. For her, every piece is the start of something new. Her technique continues to develop and improve. And we will therefore continue to follow her!

Bloemenkunst van Nathalie Boutté - lisiantus Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl


Bloemenkunst van Nathalie Boutté - lisiantus Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl