Steal the show regally and extravagantly

At your wedding you're the queen, the showstopper, the pièce de resistance. Today you can feel (even more) like a princess in a fabulous dress, obviously, with the ultimate floral crown on your head. As seen in the Vogue Netherlands Royal Wedding Special.  

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Welcome wedding guest

Floral crowns have been incredibly popular for years. We’ve seen them in all shapes and sizes: boho chic, Seventies vibe, dark wintry headdresses, abstract creations. Since we can't get enough of them, we’ve created the ultimate floral crown. A statement piece suitable for a big wedding with a Russian twist. 

You can steal the crown with this headdress

More is more. That’s certainly true in this case. We’ve taken the most extravagant pink roses, blooming white peonies, a spotted orchid, pulsatilla, rhododendron, ragged carnations and any other beauties you can find. Such extravagant headgear requires a solid base, so ensure that the flower crown’s ‘skeleton’ is strong enough. 

Roses speak volumes

Did you know that all the different colours of roses have their own symbolism? Red stands for love, white for dignity and purity, and pink for gratitude. A combination of white and red roses expresses the desire to be together forever. And isn’t that precisely what today is all about?

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