Floral horoscopes for 2018

Written in the stars and flowers

A new year doesn’t just bring lots of fresh energy and resolutions. It also offers new perspectives. A personal vision of what is to come and an astrological prediction, better known as the horoscope for the year. And what’s written in the stars is reflected in flowers. We’ve produced a floral horoscope in collaboration with ELLE NL and astrologer Bernard Fitzwalter.

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What's your signature?

Every sign of the zodiac has unique and distinctive characteristics. Alongside this signature, every star sign also has a corresponding flower. Would you like to know whether your favourite flower matches your star sign?

2018 in a nutshell

What we can tell you is that we’ll be changing course again in 2018. After turbulent and hectic times, we're now entering new territory. A period of safety, stability and strength, but with a dark, more formal and more conservative undertone. We are also viewing smart ideas, high expectations and fresh changes from a secure position. What is characteristic of the new year is the transition that we will all experience. But ultimately everyone will bloom in 2018, according to Fitzwalter for ELLE. 

Check out your floral horoscope and find out what flower suits you perfectly:

Illustrations: Nicola Kloosterman