Flowers provide the perfect finish for these Christmas profiteroles

You can’t have a sweet Christmas without croquembouche!

With a bit of imagination you could almost see this tower of profiteroles as an alternative Christmas tree. It’s almost too beautiful to eat, but don't let that stop you giving it a try...


So much more fun than a pile of baubles!

For this croquembouche you need to prepare some 70 to 80 profiteroles which you fill with pastry cream. For this version you briefly dip them in molten white chocolate which has been turned into pastel colours by adding a drop of food colouring. When stacking them, incorporate edible flowers into the tower for a striking display. Serve them surrounded by small vases with chrysanthemums and gerberas.  


Plenty of festive atmosphere and not a tree in sight

You can dress your sweet Christmas buffet with a few branches of ilex. Place them in a vase, let them overhang on one side and dangle some cakes and ornaments off them. The whole display has a festive Christmas vibe, without a single pine needle in sight: original, modern and very ‘now’.