Give them Christmas in a merry bag

A thoughtful and appropriate gift for your guests

Don’t know what to give this Christmas? If you’re the host of the day, give them a merry bag as they leave! A what? A goodie bag, but filled with Christmas items.


A meaningful mini bouquet

If you have an extravagant Christmas bouquet on display, create mini bouquets in the same style for your guests. They will immediately recognise the colours and the style - a continuation of a very successful Christmas Day. It’s also fun to give a mini bouquet that matches the person to whom you are giving it. You can do that through the use of colour or shape, but also by drawing on the symbolism of flowers. Roses mean something different from gerberas. Dive into the world of flower symbolism and you will find that there is always a flower to suit.

Keeping memories

However much we want to, we cannot remember everything. So it might be a nice idea to give them a notebook to ensure they do not forget this Christmas. They can start writing their resolutions for the New Year in it, and write down what wild plans they have should they ever win the lottery.

Relax with something tasty

There’s always more than enough food left over after Christmas dinner. But giving away the sweet things is particularly popular with guests. Treat them to a box of the home-made biscuits that you simply couldn’t finish over coffee. But a slice of red velvet cake will also bring out the smiles. If you have some budget left, you could also give them a beautifully scented candle. One that smells like the flowers in your mini bouquet. After all, we could all do with a bit of light during the dark days of winter, couldn't we?