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A new issue 13: Icons

Back in the day when Alexey Brodovitch was still the art director at Harper’s Bazaar, he told the then young up-and-coming photographer Richard Avedon: 'Astonish me.' 

We think that’s the best advice ever. We have taken these words to heart in creating the online magazine The Green Gallery, in which we celebrate the beauty of flowers and plants. We hope to surprise you, excite you, tickle you and bring you enjoyment whilst also amazing you and moving you to wonder.

The Green Gallery #13 Majid Karrouch X The Green Gallery


The latest issue of The Green Gallery is all about icons. The classics, the established order, the beauties you can always depend on. But also the new array of icons: ranunculus, dried flowers, poppy and anthurium. We seek inspiration from a modern interpretation of Sir Cedric Morris's purple-drenched painting, and bathe in a botanical boudoir. Also read the inspirational interview with Elodie Love, of the well-known blog Madame Love, that is bursting with floral poetry. An icons issue is not complete without muses, so we’re putting the spotlight on not one but five muses. 

You can also read all about the return of bonsai, we provide you enough material to fill your green treasures shopping list, and you can see what happens when flowers and computers come together. All that and more in issue #13 of The Green Gallery. 

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