Heart shape blooms for Mother's day

Give her a bunch of happiness

For a beautiful alternative arrangement this Mother's day, may we suggest the Calla and Anthurium!

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About 120 different colours of the Calla and anthurium are available. But which of the two flowers do you choose? The Calla has a funnel-shaped bract with the almost invisible spike. The anthurium has an often shiny bract where the spike is clearly visible. They are both equally beautiful. In addition to the two flowers, you can also use decorative leaves in this family to fill up your bouquet. The leaves of the Calla, Monstera (hole plant), Philodendron, dieffenbachia or anthurium complete the family feeling. And then another important advantage: the flowers and leaves are very durable! 


A heart can be discovered in the form of the anthurium flower. Perfect for showing your mother how much you value her. And nowadays you can appreciate her in many different sizes and shapes. The anthurium radiates both in a bouquet and separately in a vase! We can choose from the beautiful colors choco, burgundy, cerise, green, pink, white and red in the flower shop. The latter is of course ideal for Mother's Day Moms. Some species still have strong medicinal properties too. The anthurium 'Lovely' fits perfectly on this occasion: small flowers with beautiful colors, sweet and elegant!



Make a party of this special day with the Calla (Zantedeschia). This lucky charm stands for purity, sympathy and beauty. The Greeks and Romans saw the flower as a chalice from which you could drink and toast. So a party number! There are many colors: from almost black to white, from yellow to red and from pink to lilac. And many species have flexible stems, so make something special for your special mother!