How to protect flowers from heat

Help, it's hot!

Yes, the good weather has finally arrived in the UK. Slather on the suncream, pop on your shades and stay hydrated. You’re good at looking after yourself on summer days. But how do you make sure that your flowers also survive the heat? We’ve got some tips!

How to protect flowers from heat

Find a cool spot

Don’t place your fresh bouquet in full sunlight, because the petals can scorch. It’s better to find a cool spot. At night it might be more pleasant outdoors than inside. If you’ve got a balcony or garden, place your flowers in the shade in the lovely fresh air. That allows you to enjoy beautiful flowers when you’re sitting outside. 

Water, water, water

You drink a lot more when it’s hot. Don’t forget the flowers when you pour yourself a jug of squash or lemonade. Top the vase up with extra water, or even better, replace the water every day. 

Choose carefully

Some flowers can cope better with heat than others. Use the weather forecast to help you choose the flowers for your bouquet. For example: delphiniums, gladioli, alstroemeria and gerberas can cope very well with heat. 

Get rid of the weakest link

If there’s a stem that hasn’t made it, harden your heart and carry on. Remove the stem as quickly as possible to ensure that it doesn’t affect the other flowers and to avoid a drooping bouquet.