Lily plaster

Stick a flower on your broken heart

Imagine: you sat gazing at the letterbox with your fingers crossed, but to no avail, and February 15th has now arrived. Ouch! In order to cure your melancholy and fix your broken heart as soon as possible, you need a lily. The healing effect ensures that your heart will soon be as good as new again. In other words, use an anti-melancholy lily plaster to patch up your broken heart!

Healing lily

The white of the lily represents purity, but also light, calm and completeness. All of that is already pretty healing in itself, but the lily has even more to offer. This fantastic flower symbolises purity, spiritual love, fruitfulness, immaculacy and unity ... Your heart could certainly do with that right now.

In the 19th century lily tea was used as a painkiller. Crushed and warmed, lilies have a positive effect on bruises, and its disinfecting powers meant that the white lily was traditionally placed on wounds. Most importantly, however, the lily bulb has a nurturing and cooling effect on the heart region.

Dodonaeus (1517-1585) wrote extensively about lilies in his 1554 guide to herbs and talked in particular about the ameliorating effect. But however the lily was used, it was always external: the flower contains borium, which is unhealthy for humans to ingest. Luckily it’s very easy to make a lovely lily oil to rub in.

Control your life and your vase

Take control of your life and be in charge of your heart. Travel the world and meet lots of people. Appropriately enough, the Chinese name for the lily is Bai He: a hundred encounters. In the Orient it symbolises friendship and fidelity. If things still go wrong, don’t get a lily plaster, but let yourself be spoiled by your friends and start Operation Mega Chocolate Bar! And the lilies? Their fabulous big calyxes can provide you with ample support from a vase. And your house will be instantly filled with a consoling sweet fragrance!