Lisianthus or Eustoma?

Open-mouthed in wonder

Have you ever heard the name Eustoma? No? That's no surprise, since this name is not often used. Yet it is the official name of the lisianthus. And when you know the meaning of Eustoma, you will understand why this is an appropriate name for this fabulous flower.


Beauty is (also) on the inside

There's an obvious reason why the name liasanthus, which is actually the old name, is much better known than the later name of Eustoma. A lot of people do not feel that Eustoma sounds particularly pretty. Yet it's a fine name... 'Eu' stands for 'good', 'stoma' for 'mouth'. So Eustoma means 'good mouth'. Which isn’t really that strange, when you think about it. Because every time you see the versatile liasianthus with all its shapes, colours and varieties, your mouth drops open in amazement and wonder. Just take a look!

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