The ‘making amends’ bouquet for an awful(ly good) Christmas

Because you never know during the holidays

You really didn’t mean to point out the extra pounds that your aunt has put on over Christmas. And your intentions were good when you offered to help and the antique tray loaded with drinks slipped out of your hands. And then there was that awkward moment between the two brothers. You’re bursting with embarrassment just remembering it all. Oh, and we still don’t know who dented your dad’s new car. And how you snapped at your partner in a moment of stress when you were taking the turkey out of the oven. In other words, Christmas dinner was an unforgettable evening for all the wrong reasons. And as host you feel responsible for the unhappy faces. Luckily you’re prepared with an extravagant ‘making amends’ bouquet!

The ‘making amends’ bouquet for an awful(ly good) Christmas

An awful(ly good) Christmas

Christmas is a festive period where we can enjoy sparkling outfits, the most delicious food and spending time with family, friends and loved ones. It’s also the time when emotions can get quite heated. Not just because of the constant flow of irresistible drinks, but also because we’re just not used to being cooped up together any more. You haven't been out of the house for a while. However good the evening is, you’re always just one glower away from a disaster. 

A ‘making amends’ bouquet bursting with love

It doesn’t matter what flowers and branches you choose for a ‘making amends’ bouquet, as long as the intention is good. It can be quite extravagant in order to be in keeping with the Christmas mood. One of those bouquets that completely captivates you (and hopefully causes you to forget the Christmas agony). Blooming roses, beautiful lilies in bud, a couple of branches to turn it into an appealing ensemble. It’s quite likely that you’ve broken something, so it’s worth adding a vase. A beautiful glass one, or maybe a special find from a charity shop. 

Delivery or bring it yourself

If you’re afraid to face the person concerned, opt to have a bouquet delivered. But if you’re up to it, bring the bouquet yourself. Be prepared for: “Oh you really shouldn’t have!” Which may be true, but it’s still lovely to give someone a great bouquet like this. You’d almost be tempted to pick a fight during the meal ... Oh no, have I let your biggest secret slip out? Did I accidentally on purpose spill red wine on your white shirt? Luckily you put together a ‘making amends’ bouquet yesterday and it’s waiting in the utility room. Just to be on the safe side.