Floral success factors for your next apéro

You’ve been looking forward to it for weeks. You’ve invited your favourite people in the world, and in your wardrobe there's a new dress waiting to be worn. You’ve got a carefully curated Spotify playlist, your fridge is bursting with treats and your living room is perfectly prepared. This is undoubtedly going to be the urban chic French apéro of the century. But wait a minute… where are the flowers?

Mini bouquets

Your apéro display really isn't complete without these mini-bouquets. Ask your florist to make them up: festive, autumnal and to die for. Meanwhile you can prepare the nibbles and top up the ice cubes.

You will need

After the successful evening, place one of the small bouquets on your bedside table to enjoy the memories. Or share the flowers with your guests when they step out into the brisk autumnal night. The perfect way to end the evening in style.

The finishing touch

Don’t forget a matching bouquet. Make your apéro spot complete with an abundant autumn bouquet in the same colours as the mini-bouquets.