A minimalist summer wedding to adore

Stark lines, opulent bouquet

The clarity of your choice for one another is reflected in the styling of your summer wedding. Stark lines, luxurious materials and simple, powerful shapes combined with opulent flowers in soft shades. Be tempted by a minimalist but super-stylish summer wedding.

A minimalist summer wedding to adore Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.ukCopyright: Kenzie Victorie

Less is more

When styling a summer wedding, it’s easy to opt for boho chic with flower crowns, Ibiza vibes and multicoloured sandals. We also see the romantic summer wedding with endless yards of tulle, big pink bridal bouquets, confetti-based extravagance and imposing arrays of flowers. The alternative? Less is more. And how!

From blush to gold

It starts with a base of white, off-white, pink, pale yellow and gold with a variety of blush shades mixed in. Your make-up, your dress, your jewellery: nude shades mixed with ‘oh la la’ design give you plenty of room to glow with joy. We also see stark symmetry on the table, with matte gold accents and soft shades in the tableware and the decoration.

Extravagant and opulent flowers

The extravagance of this wedding comes particularly from the flowers, which very nearly steal the show (but not quite). We see blush peonies, yellow and pink floribunda roses and opulent salmon-coloured carnations. Idiosyncratic saxifrage sticks out above everything else, and Cymbidium provides a touch of yellow. Red Calla lends classic style to the bouquet, and finally white and pink roses provide the ultimate symbol of love, including in his corsage.

Lots more minimalism?

You can find more beautiful wedding images in various styles on our Weddings Pinterest board. For a different summer bouquet, read our article about the sunny bridal bouquet bursting with summer colours and sunflowers.


Photos: Kenzie Victory 
Styling and flowers: Rachael Ellen Events