No Christmas tree, but still a Christmas mood

Festive feeling tied up with a ribbon

We understand - a Christmas tree is quite a commitment. Think about it: first you have to fight your way through a crowd of people, then you need to choose a specimen that’s just right. Not too fat, but nice and full. Not too tall, but with a good top for the angel. And how do you transport something like that in a little car? 

Once you get home, you spend ages struggling to get trees standing straight. The needles fall off with every movement or sneeze, and we haven’t even got to the metres of knotted fairy lights and the heap of broken baubles. What a source of joy a Christmas tree really is… 

No Christmas tree, but still a Christmas mood -

But there’s an alternative! 

You really don’t need to be a Christmas tree lover to create a Christmas ambience. A bundle of flowers, plants and a home-made bauble can create just as much atmosphere. You can find out how to make the personalised bauble with red berries in our simple DIY project

A bundle of Christmas

Select a few attractive sprigs, leaves and berries. Add other elements such as feathers, ribbons and pine cones to suit your taste. Tie the whole lot together with two strips of fabric, one of velvet and one of cotton. Secure the bauble with some sisal string. Hang the bundle from the door, the wall or the ceiling. It's guaranteed to create a real Christmas mood …