One table, two moods: Rose versus Carnation

Every flower creates its own mood upon the table

The sweet scent of your favourite flower blends with the aroma of food. A sizeable bunch with as many different flowers as possible brings the dishes to life even more. Individual flowers with a meaning make the gathering even more festive, and stylish simplicity in a vase ensures that your plates look like works of art. What will you be serving up? And no, we’re not talking about the food. Enjoy the loveliest blooms and arrange your perfect personal dinner.

Make your floral mark

You can personalise your table and make your floral mark with your favourite flower. You can create a completely new atmosphere every time with the same tableware and your delicious favourite dish that everyone loves. Match the bouquets to the seasons, your guests and the occasion. Let fragrances mingle and shapes speak. Anything is possible with your botanical favourite. We will show you below how you can create a totally different effect with two different flowers with the same table setting. 

Table linen, plates and carnations

If you opt for the passionate carnation, you have an instant challenge. Will you go for deep purple accompanied by fluorescent yellow for an explosive effect, or champagne-coloured for a subtle, warm touch? Will you feature a single flower, or will you opt for a profusion of spray carnations? The softly scented petals with their round, clawed or serrated edges ... they look good enough to eat. But only figuratively speaking, with these varieties.

Majestic hostess 

You can achieve a completely different effect with the romantic Queen of Flowers: the rose. She’s surprisingly playful and cheerful, but always stylish. Place her on the dinner table to bring a smile to almost every face. Or opt for the symbolism of colour for a dinner with your nearest and dearest. Hence red represents love and respect, and yellow symbolises an intimate friendship and connection. It doesn’t really matter what you cook – it’s going to be a great evening!

Which of these two flowers do you prefer? Or will you opt for a different favourite flower? We’d love to know! Leave us a comment on Facebook or Twitter