Outstanding spring bloomers

Allow your flowers to enjoy nature

You’re taking your cup of coffee or glass of wine outdoors more and more. A quick break on the patio, or a nice chill with ELLE Flowers on the balcony. It’s a shame that your bouquets have to watch jealously from behind the window. Surely they should be allowed to enjoy it too? After all, it is their season! Make your flowers happy and bring them out into the sunshine.

Outdoor bouquets

It might be a bit of a challenge to bring a big bunch of flowers outdoors as well the cup of coffee in your hand and the magazine under your arm. So opt for the adorable vases from Blohm Ceramics or AR Ceramics. Fill them with a single flower or a colourful collection. Things are really starting to bloom around here!


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Springing out

The joys of spring mean that even the best behaved flowers find it hard to remain neatly upright. That why they extravagantly and cheerfully project in all directions as if they’re looking around curiously. Choose the idiosyncratic personal nooks from E.F. Davies Clay or the Dancing Baby Octopus from Blohm Ceramics. These two will probably cheerfully follow you outdoors of their own accord.