Real men who love flowers

Three men talk about their love for flowers

You wouldn’t imagine it looking at their cheerfully waving petals and charming hearts, but there’s a lot of prejudice around flowers. Supposedly, they’re mainly of interest to women while men are said to get more excited by a bottle of whisky or a piece of technology. “Nonsense!” say these fine specimens of manhood. “Flowers inspire, make a house a home and also smell great.” We talked to three different dads who each have a special bond with flowers in their own way and found out that a real man really does love flowers. 

Father's Day

Meet Joost, tattoo artist and father of a one-year-old little boy. He has permanently recorded his love for roses on his skin several times. Recent grandad John still impresses with his flower arranging skills, a craft which he perfected when he had his own flower shop. Finally, with a girlfriend and two daughters, Joey lives in a house full of women and lots of remarkable bunches of flowers. 

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