The right flower for Mr Right!

19 November is International Men's Day

Sunday 19 November is International Men's Day. What would we do without our romantic partner, handy neighbour, smart teacher, lovely grandpa, funny brother or good friend? You could just let this mini-celebration pass unnoticed, or you can seize the opportunity to surprise the chap of your choice. We can confidently state that there is a right flower for every Mr Right. Even for the most macho ‘real men’. Which flowers will you be giving your great guy?


The caring type

Does  your fella always put the rubbish out or prune the plants in the garden? Give him a bouquet with lilacs. These fabulous flowers are highly suitable for caring and domesticated types. They symbolise domestic happiness, nostalgia, young first love, innocence and remembrance. 

19 November is International Mens’ Day

The extravagant showstopper

Is he always dressed in the latest fashion, does he like to be the centre of attention or does he just have the X factor? Then anthurium is a good match. In addition to its high bling content, this flower has another ace up its sleeve: it lasts a long time. A showstopper that doesn’t know when to stop!

Loyal companion 

Can you always rely on him, is he always there for you and have you known one another forever? Then your top guy deserves a fabulous bouquet with roses. Did you know every colour of rose has its own meaning? Red obviously represents passionate love. Colours that go well with a friendship include pink (gratitude), orange (appreciation) and yellow (intimate friendship). 

Health-mad sports fanatic

Is he keen on running a marathon or a vigourous session in the gym? Then the gladiolus is the perfect flower. Gladioli have long been used to reward the winners of cycle races and those who complete long distance walking events.

Calla De betekenis van bloemen Lievelingsbloem Lievelingsbloemen

Handy Andy

What do you give a Handy Andy to thank him for doing a job around the house? A delicious lunch or a bottle of wine perhaps? Try toasting him with a Calla! Pardon? Back in the days of the Greeks and Romans, the flower was associated with parties and pleasure because the shape of the flower resembles a goblet that was used for drinking and toasting. That meaning has not been lost over the centuries.