Ruby Barber: a versatile creative spirit with amazing works of art

A look at her Instagram account

We already knew that florist and designer Ruby Barber has a good eye for detail and can combine colours like nobody else. Her artworks bring together passion, talent, creativity and ambition - sometimes you feel you’re looking at an intense painting. Ruby Barber, the woman behind Mary Lennox, is idiosyncratic and persuasive. No wonder that she’s one of the most highly rated and trend-setting florists right now, and The Green Gallery sought her out for an interview. Luckily for us Ruby Barber doesn’t just share her creations with leading brands, but also on Instagram. That allows us to spend time enraptured by these incredible floral designs.

Ruby Barber TGG Ruby Barber


How about this one, for example? The colours complement one another perfectly, and emphasise the hard look of the brilliant white suitcase. The image triggers a longing for tropical destinations with exuberant flora and fauna, so that you want to grab that suitcase and set off on your travels right now. With this image Ruby Barber shows that flowers can be a very good selling tool.




Ruby Barber recently provided the floral decoration for a shoot by Gucci. The result was a pink, feminine, romantic campaign focused on the rose. The decoration is not only beautiful, but also fits very naturally with the rest of the campaign. Ruby Barber is showing her soft side here. And that works too.


Wow - we’re in love! How cool is this? It’s clear that Ruby Barber is not only a fantastic florist, but also an idiosyncratic designer working with original materials. We hope that Ruby will soon also incorporate a couple of bulbs into this amazing cloud of plumes, because then we’d hang it over our dining table in a flash.




Want to see more of Ruby Barber’s work? Her Instagram account is bursting with unusual designs. Alternatively you can get your fill on the website of her design studio Mary Lennox. And don’t forget to read the interview that we did with her last year.