Say it with flowers

There's a stem for every emotion
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When we are sad, cheerful or proud, there's a flower to match our mood, lifting our spirits and consoling us in turn. Floriography, or the language of flowers, matches each stem with an emotion, so we can use them to describe how we feel. With the following flowers you never have to explain how you feel, because their symbolism speaks volumes.

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1. Bouvardia for enthusiasm

For friends who are always in high spirits, bouvardia is the perfect gift. The pointed flowers look like small trumpets, which announce their presence joyfully to the world. The pointed flowers are reminiscent of small trumpets, which will toot your enthusiasm for this flower into the world. Get a few twigs in the house, put them

in the water and let the orchestra do its thing.

2. Dahlia for love

Love has many interpretations in the world of flowers. Peonies and roses are the undisputed kings of love and romance. The dahlia is special, however, as it symbolises "yours forever". It's a special moment when you give away your heart forever. Celebrate with a large bouquet of dahlias.

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3. Tuberose for rebirth

If the winds of change are blowing through your life, tuberose will fly alongside you. This scented flower blossoms at night and fills your home with fresh perfume. Each morning starts afresh when you wake up bathed in their wonderful fragrance.

4. Lily for sorrow

In times of sadness or loss it's not always easy to speak about things. When words fail, the lily can help you to communicate your emotion instead. The serene appearance of this powerful flower will bring peace and calm to your home, giving you the space to grieve or mourn.




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