The seductive Easter brunch

A ritual you’ll love

Celebrations are all about rituals, and the Easter brunch is certainly one of those. The perfect moment for a wonderfully relaxed, never-ending feast packed with family, friends, the tastiest things to eat and - of course - spring flowers on the table.

The seductive Easter brunch

You’re woken by birds singing or a ray of sunshine stroking your cheek. Of course you could just roll over, but we have a better idea. Treat yourself, your nearest and dearest, friends and neighbours to a cracking Easter brunch.


Eggs done differently

Do take it easy - after all, it is Sunday (or a Monday that feels like a Sunday). Dress the table in soft tones so that the colours of the food and the flowers will stand out. Opt for the Asian Hanami touch or something more low key with a Scandinavian feel. In the centre of the table stand the spring flowers in delicate eggshell vases. So that’s the table sorted.


Hearty, sweet and greedy looks

Tastes differ, so serve hearty sandwiches with cream cheese, cucumber or radish and edible violas, alongside scones with clotted cream and jam for those with a sweet tooth. If you want something more substantial, we also have the perfect recipe for Easter lamb for you. You can add a hint of sweetness to the latte with dried rose petals, and fruit and bonbons will attract greedy looks.

Just before the doorbell rings you loosen your hair, throw open the doors and turn on the music. Have a tasty Easter!