Sweet summer flowers

Treat yourself with a summer bouquet

The smell of sun cream mixes with the fragrance of radiant summer flowers. Every day you’re cheerfully greeted by the bright sunshine, which casts a beautiful light on your bouquet. This is the season that doesn’t require bouquets to only be displayed in vases. Arrange the flowers in your hair or use them to catch the most amazing dreams. But which flowers should you choose? There’s no shortage of options… 

Celosia Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl


Turn the happiest season of the year into a party with surprising curls and plumes. Mix Celosia with other flowers in a bouquet for an instant exclusive look. Stylishly summery! The brightly coloured comb is a distortion of the stem, and the actual flowers are on the side of comb, often in their hundreds. The flowers’ colours perfectly match the sun: red, orange, yellow and pink. You might like to know that Celosia originates from the tropical regions of Asia and Africa.


There are some 260 species of Gladiolus, with many meanings. The tuber of this African beauty is a delicacy, a remedy against stomach ache and a way of removing splinters. In the past, winners were inundated in Gladioli after a victory, and today at funerals you use it to show that you will miss the deceased. You can also use it to symbolically pierce someone’s heart. The Gladiolus represents victory, admiration and pride, strength and beauty but this summer let’s enjoy the stems with fantastic flowers. Opt for white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, cream or multiple colours for each flower. 


This feminine, open, fragile, exotic flower fits perfectly with your swirly summer dress. She lays herself bare and passes on the energy that she radiates with love. The Latin name means glorious or illustrious.  She’s also known as glory lily, superb lily or fire lily - the latter because the petals resemble magnificent flames. Gloriosa works beautifully in flower arrangements: from unusual Japanese ikebana work to an art nouveau look, almost any style is possible. 


This sweet pea was the favourite flower of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands but there are other reasons for including this fabulous flower in your summer bouquet. Lathyrus has a beautiful sweet fragrance that no perfume can match. It flowers profusely and in many colours, so you can always carry a perfect matching specimen to win you lots of ‘you smell lovely’ compliments. Opt for white, red, pink, cream, creamy yellow, orange or mixed colours. This amazing flower from the legume family was discovered in Sicily at the end of the 17th century. It symbolises gentleness.


We’re interpreting an ‘all-round’ summer feeling very literally this year. The fabulous balls make the display season complete. Alliums come in beautiful colours and flower for a long time. If you dry them after flowering, you can enjoy the into the autumn as well. Do make sure that you don’t damage the stems and leaves though, because that will release a classic onion smell. If you’re feeling ornamental, get an ornamental onion! 


Ranunculus’ cousin will keep making you happy. The Delphinium is packed with tiny flowers tinkling soundlessly to cheer you up. Bees and butterflies are delighted to discover the Delphinium. The flowers have between 3 and 7 petals, and can be purple, blue, red, yellow or white. The nickname larkspur refers to the backward-pointing spur on each flower.