These flowers show you how you feel

A flower to suit every feeling

Flowers not only make you happy, but they also represent feelings that can perfectly describe our emotions. Whether you are sad, cheerful or proud, you can find a flower to suit every mood. With these flowers you never have to explain how you feel, because their symbolism speaks volumes.


1. Bouvardia / Enthusiasm

If you are always enthusiastic, then bouvardia is your best friend. The pointed flowers are reminiscent of small trumpets, which announce your enthusiasm to the world. Bring a few branches into the house, put them in the water and let the orchestra take over.

2. Dahlia / Full of love

Love has many interpretations in the world of flowers. Peonies and roses are the undisputed kings of love and romance. But did you know that the dahlia symbolises 'yours forever'? If you have given your heart away forever, then celebrate with a large bouquet of dahlias.

3. Tuberoos / Reborn

Are the winds of change blowing through your life? Then tuberose will be happy to fly along with you. This scent princess blossoms at night and fills your home with fresh scents. Each morning starts afresh and what a way to wake up.

4. Narcissus / Pride

You should be proud of yourself more often. Because of the mountains you have moved, the fears you have overcome or the people you have made laugh. Treat yourself to a bouquet of narcissus. But be careful not to get too big for your boots, because you don’t want to end up like the Greek Narcissus ...

5. Lily / Sorrow

In times of sadness or loss you don't always want to talk about things, but instead to handle your feelings in silence. The lily can help you do this. The pure and serene appearance of this powerful flower will bring peace and calm to your home, so that you can deal with sorrow in your own time.