Throw a festive potluck dinner

Spend time together in the kitchen

It's absurd, but the run-up to Christmas can sometimes feel more stressful than the whole of the rest of the year put together. There are end-of-year work deadlines that just won't go away, and a growing list of presents to buy and wrap. On top of that, there's outfits to be planned, groceries to be bought, and children home for the holidays that need to be entertained. 

With all that in the mix, it's understandible if cooking a Michelin star meal for friends is the last thing on your mind, and the thought of throwing a party makes you want to run for the hills. Here's the secret though — the Christmas party really is one thing you don't have to manage by yourself. There's a simple solution: make it BYO, but with a theme, so that the dishes go together. We suggest The 2019 Festive Potluck: A Floral Taste Sensation. Aside from guaranteeing some deliciously decadent concoctions, it's also guaranteed to kickstart a fun, flower-filled conversation over food.


Your sibling brings the canapés, a colleague supplies the pudding, a friendly neighbour makes cocktails. All that's left for you to do is surrender your oven, so your best friends can heat up the main dishes they've brought. There, that's more like it! And the chances of seeing both macaroni cheese and Thai green curry on your plate is vastly reduced if you ask everyone to stick to the theme of festive food with edible flowers*. Not to mention that everything tastes better when it's been made with love.

BYO with a floral theme

It's fun to encourage your guests to add the finishing touches to their dishes in your kitchen. To help them along, and get the plates looking Instagram-worthy, you could provide a selection of gorgeous edible flowers* for decoration. The creativity you unleash is bound to result in some inspiring dishes that will be talked about for a long time to come.

Delicious company

Not all men and women are born domestic goddesses, so it’s a good idea to share some recipe tips with more reluctant friends. If anyone is struggling, they can't go far wrong with a luxurious Christmas dessert. We’re thinking of a festive-coloured red velvet cake decorated with delicious red fruit and red roses*. You can check out the recipe here

Get conversation flowing

A festive tipple gets everyone in the mood for a party, and may help your work colleagues and your friends find common ground. This delicious cocktail with gin, cranberry, lavender and rose petals* is a real Christmas cracker. The anecdotes and tall tales will soon be pouring out. Read the recipe here and get mixing.

*One more thing: never just eat any old flower or plant; only use edible flowers from specialist suppliers that have been grown for human consumption.

Inspired to throw your own floral-themed festive potluck? Share the results with us on social media using the hashtag #funnyhowflowersdothat – we're excited to see your dishes all plated up!