Tips for a Christmas party bag

A thoughtful festive gift for guests

If you're stuck on what to give your friends this season, but you're hosting a Christmas party, then good news, there's an easy answer. Hand them a Christmas party bag as they leave, filled with thoughtfully-chosen festive treats. We have tips on what to put in that will soften the blow of having to leave your fabulous party.


A meaningful miniature bouquet

If you have a gorgeous Christmas bouquet as a centerpiece in your house — and why wouldn't you? — then create miniature, buttonhole-style arrangements with the same flowers and foliage for your guests. You'll be spreading festive cheer as they'll feel like they've brought home a bit of the party's magic.

It’s also fun to give flowers that match the receiver of the gift. You can do that by drawing on the meanings of the flowers themselves: roses mean something different to gerberas, for example. Dive into the world of flower symbolism and you'll find there's always a flower to pair with a friend.

Keeping memories

In the spirit of practical gifts, it's a nice touch to give guests a small notebook and pen. That way, they can start writing down their resolutions for the New Year, and make a note of who to send thank-you cards to and what present they gave.

Sweet tooth

There are always plenty of leftovers after a Christmas party, especially when it's your friends who are bringing the food. Send guests away with a box of the home-made biscuits that you simply couldn’t finish, or an extra slice of decadent red velvet cake wrapped up in a festive red and gold napkin. A small handful of desserts in the party bag will ensure they leave with sweet memories of the evening.

Will you be throwing a Christmas party? What are you putting in the festive party bags? Share your beautiful flower gifts with us on social media with the hashtag #funnyhowflowersdothat — we'd love to see them.