Tropical temperatures, exotic bouquet

These flowers bring a touch of the tropics to your home

The sky is blue, you feel in the pink and the sun hangs in the sky like a big yellow ball. For even more sunshine in your life, choose exotic flowers for the ultimate summer bouquet.

exotic bouquet

The bouquet above includes exotics like Strelitzias, Cymbidiums, Anthuriums and tulips (yes, tulips are also very exotic because they originate from Turkey). Place the flowers in simple vintage vases so that they have the room to shine in the summer light as the centre of attention. With a vintage samba record on your turntable and a (virgin) cocktail in your hand your summer is complete.

Other tropical candidates

Feel a creative mood coming on? It's not just the flowers listed above that feel at home in an extravagant bouquet. Check out these exotic candidates as well:


Si si, what a beauty: Gloriosa enjoy attention. Despite her delicate build, she still manages to draw every eye. Is it the wavy petals, the colours or the fact that she symbolises ambition? Whatever the case, she still gives you jungle fever.


A cousin of the Gloriosa is the lily. This extrovert flower brings a touch of red, yellow, purple or orange to your exotic bouquet. The lily also tells a symbolic story, and some varieties will provide you with a natural home fragrance.


You only need one or two Proteas for a visual feast. The flower, which originates from South Africa, is an artwork in your vase. An artwork in pink, orange or red with a sturdy stem and a flower that makes you want to rush out and book an airline ticket. But stay at home, where your exotic bouquet is shining.

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