Wallflowers that will demand a front row seat

Christmas 2014 glows and blooms like never before

With so much beauty in this wall design, you don’t even need a Christmas tree to create a festive atmosphere. This deisgn is very eco-luxe, combining straight lines and whimsical shapes.

All I want for Christmas is… atmosphere!

Orchids are ideal for home decor experiments and they are the star of this DIY. To create your own arrangement, you need the following:

  • 1 Can of copper spray paint
  • 1 Copper pipe, hacksaw and drill
  • 1 Tube of sealant
  • 3 Long screws
  • Wide black tape
  • 3 Clasps
  • 3 Different Cymbidium stems

How to make your own

  1. Spray the background of the display with the copper paint. If you don't fancy spraying the whole wall, use a rectangular board attached to the wall.
  2. Saw the pipe into three cylinders. Seal one end of each cylinder using watertight sealant.
  3. Drill a hole through the copper cylinders at the top. Screw them onto the wall or the board.
  4. Make a frame using the black tape using a spirit level to ensure straight edges.
  5. Pour some water into each of the cylinders, place the Cymbidium stems in them and secure them with a large clamp halfway up.