Win flowers for your bae abroad

Love & flowers in the air

Your beloved lives in another country. That’s always a bit rubbish, but it feels particularly bad on Valentine’s Day. No chance to surprise one another with breakfast in bed. No sharing a box of chocolates after a delicious meal. And no fresh flowers to fill the vase on the table. Of maybe there are ...?

Win flowers for your bae abroad

Cupid knows no frontiers

Matchmaker Cupid is crossing the border and following the beat of your synchronised hearts. Your love should be celebrated, even if you can’t be together in person. We’ve had an idea for that. If your sweetheart lives in Germany, the Netherlands or France we will arrange for a fabulous bouquet to be delivered to your lover’s door. You can supply the loving words on the card and a FaceTime date.

Ding dong Dianthus of knock knock Narcissus     

A bunch of flowers delivered abroad is a sure-fire hit. But you will score even more highly if you’ve also thought about the flowers in the bouquet. Will you opt for a traditional bouquet with red roses? Or will you do Valentine’s day new style, and choose flowers with a particular colour, symbolism or shape? If you’re unsure, we recommend giving your absent beloved his or her favourite flower. It might simply be a perfect bouquet of globe chrysanthemums that arrives on the doorstep. 

Win a bouquet that crosses frontiers

If your lover is currently in Germany, the Netherlands or France and you’d love to send him or her a bouquet, share your love story and the flowers that best suit your sweetheart before 6 February 2017 using the form below. You may be one of the three winners who will win a fabulous bouquet (worth 50 euro) for their beloved which will deliver for you on Valentine’s Day.  

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