Wrapping is even more fun than giving

Particularly with these floral wrapping tips

You pondered about it for weeks: what’s the perfect present? Suddenly you knew, and excitedly ordered it online. But when it arrived, the gift was not nicely wrapped. Don’t worry - with these wrapping tips your perfect present will have an elevated look that's dressed to impress! 

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Good preparation makes all the difference

Trust us when we say that preparing well will save you an awful lot of headaches. No messing around with torn paper, rolls of sticky tape where you can’t find the end, paper cuts and messy-looking parcels. Checklist: scissors, adhesive tape, lovely gift wrap, ribbon and the finest flowers.

Neatly does it 

It’s trickier to wrap a ball, so leave that sort of gift to the lightning fingers in the gift-wrapping department of a chic department store. But you can easily tackle a simple box. Choose wrapping paper that matches the gift: very stylish in a single colour or with an extravagant print that makes you covetous. Carefully measure the paper, work out what’s going to be the top and bottom, and start wrapping. With some neat folding you will only need three small bits of adhesive tape. Done it? Then on to the finishing touch!

Finishing touches

A velvet ribbon, some glittery string or an extra paper trim lends some additional cachet to any gift. But you need to go the extra mile - or at least go to the florist - in order to really steal the show under the Christmas tree. A tightly wrapped gift with a beautiful ribbon and the most extravagant flower as a feature is guaranteed to be a hit!

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