Your floral horoscope: Libra

Which flower matches your star sign?

Whether you believe in astrology or not, everyone reads their horoscope from time to time. You can probably list the characteristics of the star sign under which you were born. It’s not just the heavens that have something to say about your personality. Flowers also have a signature which can be appropriately matched to a star sign. We’ve produced a floral horoscope in collaboration with ELLE and astrologer Bernard Fitzwalter. Read on to find out which flower is right for you!

Your floral horoscope: Libra

What the stars say about Libra

Still waters run deep: that’s a description that suits you well. You can be the embodiment of calm, but you can sometimes also be very spiky. This list of characteristics perfectly matches: gladiolus.

This flower emphasises your personality

Libra’s qualities are easy to recognise but tricky to describe. This star sign is associated with everything that is light and amiable, and with all light colours, particularly pink. The gladiolus is a perfect visual match: the soft petals with their flaring, wavy edges look a bit like those of a dress. The gladiolus also symbolises strength, victory and pride. The name comes from the Latin ‘gladius’, which means ‘sword’. That meaning dates back to Roman times, when gladiators in the arena literally fought to the death and the survivor was rewarded with gladioli. 

The rest of the zodiac bouquet

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Illustrations: Nicola Kloosterman